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Anyone can buy a regular house, but if you want to truly invest your money into something valuable and worthwhile, going with an eco-friendly home is the best route to take. You are avoiding toxic construction, lowering your overheads, obtain financial incentives, and will be able to live your green lifestyle proudly. Though this is the much better option, you cannot pick just any ordinary realtor. You will want to have someone by your side who qualified, specialized in substantial homes, and genuinely cares about you and the earth, and that person is Melanie.


Melanie Bergero native from South of  France is an incredibly experienced, motivated, and client-driven Miami, Florida Real Estate Agent and founder/president of the non-profit organization, SOSFuture. Not only is she fully dedicated to promoting greener lifestyles that enhance the quality of life of the population, but she also has a solid foundation on the buying, selling, negotiating, and marketing processes. Along with her knowledge base, Melanie knows exactly how to make this journey a positive one for every client.


Melanie experience and understands the Miami market, connecting both green technology and property value to provide her clients with the most sustainable homes. She is a certified GREEN agent and is fully capable of helping anyone through their mission to find their ideal home and achieve the greener lifestyle they aspire to have. From targeted guidance, tax incentive assistance, touring, and comparing homes, Melanie will walk you through it all to turn your dreams into realities.


Buying a home is certainly not an easy thing to embark on, especially when it comes to sustainable properties and trying to achieve full independence. This is why you will want someone who specializes in this area so you can ensure that you are getting the best green potential as possible. When you choose to invest in a resourceful home opportunity, you can have the peace of mind that Melanie will provide expert guidance and leverage her knowledge to deliver the best possible outcomes for both you and the environment.


Nothing makes Melanie happier than being able to put her buyers in their dream home and helping the environment along the way. She delivers nothing but the most client-centric, tactful, professional, and qualified services that guarantee satisfaction and optimal sustainability. With her extensive knowledge in the real estate industry and strong passion for greener living, you can solidify your confidence that you are in the best hands.


Melanie is always learning, reading, growing, and working on her personal development in order to better herself, be the best mother she can be to her daughter, and thrive in her mission to help others buy eco-friendly homes. In fact, Melanie is so dedicated to nature and improving it, that even when she is not with a client or running her non-profit organization, she spends her time in nature and partaking in recycling and zero waste projects in hopes to leave the world a little better than she found it.

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